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The Mammoth team is lead by Terry Moffatt, company President and journeyman/electrician with 16 years professional experience to his credit. Under Terry’s guidance, Mammoth has established itself as a specialist in servicing national projects including retail chains, grocery stores, and other commercial ventures, throughout Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba.

Since its inception in 2003, Mammoth Communications has grown from one staff member to five dedicated professionals, on hand to provide our customers with in-depth knowledge, professional expertise, and exceptional service.

Mammoth Communications is a certified Leviton LCCS Program Partner and as such is authorized by Leviton to design and install Leviton Certified Cabling Systems and to support the Leviton LCCS 75 year Application Assurance and Lifetime Extended Warranty. Please visit www.leviton.com for more information.

Mammoth Communications is also recognized as a SUPERIOR ESSEX approved designer and installer for all copper and fiber optic cables. Because of this designation we are eligible to offer their PerformaLink, PerformaChannel, and Campus Warranty. Please visit www.superioressex.com for complete details concerning these warranties.

Mammoth Communications provides certified Category 5 ,5e ,6 and fiber optic cabling for commercial, financial, and educational institutions. Some of our manufacturers’ training includes LEVITON, AMP, SUPERIOR ESSEX, NORDX/CDT, The LIGHT BRIGADE, and IBM to name a few. Their courses cover the proper installation, troubleshooting, testing and design of premise network copper and fiber optic cabling. Copies of our training documentation are available on request.

As well, Mammoth Communications has been awarded Registered Contractor status by Tyco/ Electronics (AMP) and are now able to offer our customers the AMP NETCONNECT 25 Year Extended Component Warranty.


NOTE ABOUT THE LOGO/SLOGAN… The company logo is a mammoth, and the slogan is “out of the past, into the future”… I asked Terry why he chose a mammoth, and he said – the mammoth is out of the past from long ago, but because today we are still finding mammoth bones, etc. they are still communicating with us in the present/future. As an animal, they are large and strong, yet gentle and graceful. They are also warm and friendly, and family-oriented.

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